Happy Thanksgiving!

I communicated a bit with John yesterday, and we agreed we should post a little something about Thanksgiving. So, with no further ado, here are some random thoughts: First and foremost, enjoy! I’ve always loved Thanksgiving because it involves “the 3 F’s”: Food, Football, and Family. Food is key; the classic Thanksgiving meal being pretty […]


Some of you may be aware of the French Police dog named Diesel that was killed in the raid that targeted ISIS asshole Abdelhamid Abaaoud. The story caught my attention, as I have a general fondness for K9s and because I suffered the unexpected loss of my own beloved German Shepherd earlier this year. Apparently, […]

Terror in Paris

Both Robert and I thought some sort of blog post concerning the events in Paris was needed, but I have struggled with what I wanted to say… Partly because many other commentators have already said it better, and partly because the events happened in France rather than in the United States. The point that France […]

Buy Once, Cry Once (?)

If you’re on this blog and visit other firearm and self-defense blogs and forums, chances are you have heard the expression “buy once, cry once” before.  I’ve even seen it on forums geared toward auto repair, mountain bikes, sporting equipment, etc.  The basic gist is that you should, when faced with a purchasing decision between […]

Hunting and Defensive Shooting… Huh?

For many of us in North America, November is synonymous with hunting season… White-tailed deer is a typical quarry, but for the purposes of this discussion, I refer to almost any big game hunting. So why am I discussing hunting on a blog largely dedicated to civilian self-defense? Simply because I think that the practice […]