Shooting the IDPA Classifier

Regular readers of the blog should be familiar with my recent adoption of IDPA as an alternative form of self-defense practice.  Having joined IDPA and taken my local club’s safety course as well as shooting in two club level matches (see here and here), I was eager to shoot the IDPA Classifier to see where I “rank”. […]

You’re On Your Own!

The title of this post is a sentiment that I’ve heard expressed more than once recently in terms of being prepared and aware in one’s daily travels. Time and time again, we hear the phrase, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Of course, this is absolutely true. But what about after the […]

I Hate Going to the Range!

I hate going to the range!  There, I said it.  Whew!  No, I didn’t just experience a particularly bad outing in terms of my marksmanship, speed, etc.  In general, I’m really not a fan of going to the range.  This may seem like a strange attitude for the co-founder of the civiliangunfighter blog, but it’s […]

The Civilian Gunfighter Blog is now on Facebook!

Yes, it’s true. John and I have brought the blog into the world of Facebook, for better or worse (I’m predicting good things). Our current plan is (surprise) to use Facebook to support the blog. The idea is to utilize Facebook just like we do with Twitter to announce when we add new articles to […]

Look Ma, No Glasses!

Over the past few weeks on visits to the range, I’ve been doing some experimentation. I tried something that I’ve only ever done with dry fire before… I shot a few drills without my prescription glasses to see just how I would fare relying only on my unaided eyesight. As you read the following, please […]

Equipment Review: ETS Glock 19 Limited 10 Round Magazines

This post is going to serve as my final opinion and review of the limited capacity Glock 19 magazines offered by Elite Tactical Systems. Readers of the blog may remember my earlier post concerning my frustrations with actually obtaining the magazines. Fortunately, that issue was eventually resolved and with the three additional magazines I ordered from […]

My IDPA Journey Continues: Match Two

This weekend I shot in my second IDPA club match (see article on my first match here).  This was a two-day match, but each of the two days featured the same six stages.  Some shooters shot both days (a few shot in one division one day and a second division on day two, others shot […]


The world changed for me after Dallas.  Honestly, it changed before that, but if there were any questions in my mind, they were all answered AFTER DALLAS.  Dallas made it clear that I wore a target to work every day–and even when I was off–simply because I’m a cop. I’ve been a cop in one uniform or […]