Blow Out Kits – One Medic’s Perspective

Originally posted on CIVILIAN GUNFIGHTER:
Overview I was recently asked to write about what is commonly referred to as a blow out kit. The term refers to an individual medical kit carried to treat immediately life threatening extremity hemorrhage, tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and airway obstruction. These three things are responsible for most traumatic battlefield…

Going to the Range with a Plan!

Most of us do not enjoy the luxury of stepping off our back porch and being able to shoot whenever we want. For most of us, we are limited to local (or not so local…) public ranges or private clubs. For me, the decision to go to the range involves an hour of travel each […]

The Case for Weapon-Mounted Lights

This article is primarily intended to piggyback on my earlier article on home defense. In that article, I touched on the overall utility of having a weapon-mounted light (WML) attached to a firearm used for home defense. In this article, my intention is to provide a rationale for their use as well as debunk some […]

A Few Perspectives on Home Defense

I always find articles and blog posts about home defense weapons, equipment, and tactics to be fascinating. I don’t know that any other event (short of “bugging out”) conjures up more opinions or spurs our imaginations more than having to defend our homestead against some sort of attack. There is plenty already out there on […]

The Case for Duplicate Guns

In previous posts, it has been suggested that having duplicates of your primary guns is a good thing. In this post, I’m going to present some scenarios and reasons to expand on why it’s such a good idea. Military Special Forces plan for mission success by adhering to the concept of “two is one and […]

AAR: Combat Shooting and Tactics (Paul Howe), “Advanced Individual Tactics”, Nacogdoches, TX 11/21-11/23, 2014

I wrote this after action report soon after taking my final class in 2014. The course was Advanced Individual Tactics, which I took at the Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) training facility in Nacogdoches, TX, 11/21-23/14. ( The cost of the course was $700, and included lodging at the CSAT barracks. The lead instructor for […]

Some Thoughts on Single Point Slings…

Almost always, I prefer a quick adjust or simple 2-point sling on a long gun. There are, however, two scenarios where I might consider using a single point sling instead. The first is with an AR pistol and the second is with a shotgun. The AR pistol is light and handy, and can benefit from […]