Some More Thoughts on Instructor Pedigrees

My previous article on instructor pedigrees stimulated at least a little discussion here on the blog, on Facebook, and between John and me.  I had a few thoughts as it relates to this topic that I did not address in the first article, so I thought our readers might appreciate my sharing. Beware of Talent Whether […]

Are You a Gunfighter?

As readers of the blog know, I regularly listen to Ballistic Radio. The latest episode featured an interview with John “Chappy” Chapman. While the entire interview is good, the last 3-4 minutes are pure podcast gold. A few of Chapman’s comments in particular really resonated with me and validated all the time and money I’ve […]

My Fourth IDPA Match

I hope it is not getting tedious for our followers to read of my IDPA matches.  I am including brief write-ups here on the blog for a number of reasons: To describe what shooting in such a match is like, especially for newer shooters who may be interested, but hesitant; To disclose more about my […]

Never Forget, Never Forgive!

Originally posted on CIVILIAN GUNFIGHTER:
Today, we pause a moment to remember the many brave Americans that tragically lost their lives 14 years ago in the brutal terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I have always considered that day to be the Pearl Harbor of my generation… I can vividly remember exactly where I was…