Never Forget, Never Forgive!

I wrote this last year, and looking back, I think it still communicates my thoughts on the subject of this somber anniversary. Not much has changed beyond the passage of time… Make no mistake, this conflict has been ongoing for centuries. The faces of evil may change, but the enemies remain the same.

Wherever you may find yourself on 9/11, keep your head in the fight.

Pause a moment a remember those who rushed headlong into the inferno but didn’t make it out. Remember those who fought back and changed the outcome. Remember those whose lives were irrevocably changed that fateful morning 15 years ago.

“Let’s roll…”


Today, we pause a moment to remember the many brave Americans that tragically lost their lives 14 years ago in the brutal terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I have always considered that day to be the Pearl Harbor of my generation… I can vividly remember exactly where I was when I learned of the attacks and watched the towers fall. It was a little after 0600 on the West Coast and I was watching the events unfold on the television in the crew room of an ambulance base in Pasadena, CA. I remember going out into Los Angeles on my ambulance that day believing that we were going to be the next target. As it turned out, the violence that day was confined to the Eastern Seaboard, but America was forever changed. True, that day was far from our first exposure to terrorism, but it was nonetheless pivotal in…

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One thought on “Never Forget, Never Forgive!

  1. Awesome reminder and homage to the heroes of that day.

    “Among all of the stories of heroism that came to light after 9/11, the story of the resistance by passengers on board United Airlines Flight 93 is perhaps my favorite. When faced with a terrible and untenable situation, they made the courageous choice to fight back. They may have lost their lives, but their lives were not lost in vain. Instead, we now celebrate them as heroes who prevented further tragedy. Let their example serve as a reminder of how we should forever respond to those who seek to destroy our way of life, whomsoever they may be.”

    Preach the gospel, sir! And might I add…
    Nemo Me Impune Lacessit!


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