Taking Classes with a Critical Eye

I have mentioned before here on the blog that I consider myself a life-long learner.  I don’t know everything about anything, and it’s even mentioned in “About the Blog” that we reserve the right to change our minds about our thoughts.  In accordance with being a life-long learner, I really enjoy taking training classes (as […]

Equipment Review: Renaissance Steel Research Ready Ship Target

(Note: Renaissance Steel Research is now Defense Targets. Relevant links have been updated 12/14/16.) I’m a lucky guy… my wife buys me awesome gifts! As one example of my good fortune, last December I received a nondescript large sized USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box in the mail. Inside the box was a Renaissance Steel Research […]

Growing Pains at Elite Tactical Systems?

Last month, based largely on Robert’s ongoing review of the new ETS Glock magazines, I decided to purchase two of the 10 round Glock 19 limited capacity magazines to use during my weekly range trips. I was pleased that ETS offered the option of limited capacity magazines for those of us trapped behind enemy lines, […]

Personal Tragedy (and Triumph!), with Some Lessons

Two mornings ago I awoke but my wife did not.  A mostly healthy 38-year-old woman went to bed at night and was unresponsive at 6 AM.  Before you read any further, please remember that John is the paramedic, not me. I did the sternum rub and some light smacks to the face.  I called 911, […]