Priorities for the New Year…

In poking around the web today, I note that many bloggers have reviewed some of their most read articles. In line with that observation, the third most read post on this blog for 2016 was my article on necessities of every day carry. Top honors go to Robert’s Glock 19 article, but in this first […]

Are You a Gunfighter?

As readers of the blog know, I regularly listen to Ballistic Radio. The latest episode featured an interview with John “Chappy” Chapman. While the entire interview is good, the last 3-4 minutes are pure podcast gold. A few of Chapman’s comments in particular really resonated with me and validated all the time and money I’ve […]

The Civilian Gunfighter Blog is now on Facebook!

Yes, it’s true. John and I have brought the blog into the world of Facebook, for better or worse (I’m predicting good things). Our current plan is (surprise) to use Facebook to support the blog. The idea is to utilize Facebook just like we do with Twitter to announce when we add new articles to […]

Echos from the Past… Relevant Today

Today marks the 74th anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. As such, I wanted to take this day to convey my thoughts on some recent current events and their implications, as our great nation is once again under attack. I would not characterize Pearl Harbor as a terrorist attack, but nonetheless, some interesting parallels can […]

Never Forget, Never Forgive!

Today, we pause a moment to remember the many brave Americans that tragically lost their lives 14 years ago in the brutal terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. I have always considered that day to be the Pearl Harbor of my generation… I can vividly remember exactly where I was when I learned of the […]

Contributor Bios

John I’m just a regular guy. I’ve never been in the military, and I’m not a cop. I do have a lot of friends that are or were in the military, and I work alongside cops every day. I’ve been involved in emergency medical services one way or another since 1999 and currently work as […]

About the Blog…

Welcome! The primary goal of this blog is to explore and identify the best training, tools and tactics available to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. We hope to share that knowledge with like-minded individuals. We’re not experts, but we do have a lot of combined experience. We intend to keep this blog relatively free of […]