A New Book from Greg Ellifritz…

Veteran cop, trainer, prolific blogger, adventure traveler, friend, all around good guy, and now published author Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training just shared today that his new book has reached a milestone of 1000 copies sold! I’m responsible for both a Kindle version and a paperback version of those sales and can recommend the book without reservation. While primarily intended for those that may wish to travel to areas commonly described as “developing nations,” the material is equally applicable to the traveler that simply wants to find a relaxing beach well off the beaten path. In 484 pages, Greg covers nearly every aspect of safely navigating international travel, whether it’s food, lodging, transportation, language, health and safety, legal issues, or simply going to the bathroom. Filled with recommendations for further reading and useful apps, the book is a valuable reference for anyone that aspires to see the world. I’ve had opportunity to visit some interesting places in Eastern Europe, Mexico, and the Western Pacific in years past and I wish I’d been able to read this book beforehand! When my children come of age, my copy will be required reading for them, especially for my daughter. Get yourself a copy now at the link below!

FTC Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link. Should you choose to purchase through the link, it will benefit our efforts here at the blog at no extra cost to you! We appreciate the support!

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