R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain

Found this on pistol-forum tonight… I read his book several years ago and watched his show a couple of times, although I don’t really watch much TV. I didn’t really have a firm grasp on his political leanings, but apparently he was one “lefty” that I would have liked to have a beer with. There is much wisdom and life experience reflected in his blog post below…

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain

  1. He was a nonconformist in almost every way, and that attribute means a lot to me and my family. He was a jiu-jitsu player, a world traveller, a straight-talker, and a rule breaker. Even when we didn’t agree with his points of view, we respected that he’d been around the planet enough to earn his opinion.

    He inspired my younger stepson to travel, something that we will encourage doubly so after Bourdain’s death.

    We’re going to miss him.

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  2. Bourdain makes the all too common mistake of comparing the driving of a vehicle with owning a firearm. He poses the tired old question that, if we require training and licensing to own and operate a vehicle…then why not with firearms? Driving a vehicle on public roadways is a privilege…not a Right. Firearm ownership is a Right. The two are totally different.


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