Campus Carry and the Umpqua Community College Shooting

I’m fucking pissed and these impromptu blog posts are becoming all too frequent…

Yesterday, yet another lone gunman walked into a gun-free zone and perpetrated an atrocious act of mass murder. He was stopped by good guys with guns, far too late… The cops did it right and engaged the gunman immediately upon their arrival. BUT what if someone, anyone, on that campus had been armed, trained, and prepared to immediately respond? Initial reports suggest that the school security guard was NOT armed and that at least one person on campus who was armed, a military veteran, was prohibited or effectively dissuaded from responding to the threat… Imagine, just for an instant, that Umpqua Community College had allowed concealed carry on campus in accordance with Oregon state laws and that either a faculty member or adult student had been carrying and was able to stop the attack in its earliest stages and was able to save precious time and precious lives…

At least one person did fight back, and was shot multiple times as he confronted the gunman in his attempt to stop the attack… Let us celebrate the courage and heroism of Army Veteran Chris Mintz and wish him a full and speedy recovery. Let us hope that his acts serve as a catalyst to spur others to action when the chips are down. At some point, I may post my “A Paramedic’s Rules for Life” to the blog, but let me offer rule #10 right now: “Fight back. Always fight back. It’s said that violence begets violence… I certainly hope so!”

Here is what we know so far based on reports in the mass media. A 26 year old asshole walked into a community college classroom with multiple weapons and killed 9 individuals and wounded at least 10 more before apparently and predictably committing suicide after being met with armed resistance from responding law enforcement officers. It has been reported that he asked victims their religion prior to shooting them… We can only speculate at his true motives, but it has also been reported that he warned of his attack in an obscure chat room and held Islam and the WDBJ murderer in high regard. My own opinion is that he was a social misfit who suffered from religious delusion, mental illness, and cowardice. I’m glad he’s dead, I just wish someone had the opportunity to drop the hammer on him a bit sooner.

Here are some FACTS devoid of speculation…

  • The shooter AGAIN chose a “gun-free zone” to attack, otherwise known as a “victim disarmament zone.”
  • His attack continued until he was stopped by good guys with guns.
  • Multiple victims on scene required immediate medical attention for traumatic injuries.

Let us examine these three indisputable facts…

  • Gun-free zones do not work. This has been shown time and time again in what is becoming countless examples. THIS is a tragedy. We should, as a society, decry the existence of gun free zones and allow those of us who self-select to fight back to do so with the best tools available to us. In most situations in our society, the best tool is a concealed firearm on someone that by default becomes a first responder. The apparently anti-gun Armed Campuses organization decries the recent push for concealed carry on campus, but offers scant factual basis for their emotionally driven irrational position. Let us instead objectively examine the situation… The only people who would actually be legally carrying on campus would be either staff, faculty, or adult students over the age of 21, who possess the commensurate maturity required to seek out and obtain a concealed carry permit. Drunken partying underclassmen are unlikely candidates to obtain such legal permits. And regarding illegal carry on campuses, it’s already happening and that’s why a legal option for the rest of us is so important! A simple perusal of the violent crime statistics available from any major university public safety department will emphasize the oft repeated statement that “when seconds count, the cops are minutes away!”
  • Next, carry your gun everywhere that you are legally permitted to do so! Get some training on how to best respond with your gun. We are living in a golden age of training opportunities. You never know when you may have the opportunity or be forced into being the good guy (or gal) with a gun! Recognize that in gun free zones that are not otherwise protected with armed security and metal detectors, big boy rules apply… Conduct yourself accordingly!
  • Carry at least a minimalist blow out kit and get some first aid training. In any of these situations, emergency medical personnel are going to be the last to be cleared to enter a scene. Again, YOU may be the default first responder, either for your own injuries, or for others.

Finally, I’m going to reiterate an earlier statement… Fight back when you are offered violence! When a deranged gunmen is standing opposite you asking your religion, answer him with brutal and sudden violence, planning to prevail and hoping that your actions galvanize others into standing with you to fight against evil and carry the day! Never give up!

As always, we welcome and encourage your comments! Do you think my analysis is off? Give us a cogent argument as to why and we can discuss it… Or, do you like what we write? Let us know. Stay safe, and stay dangerous!

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